Sifnos has one of the most beautiful, most well-maintained trail networks in Greece and Fyrogia, just 500 metres from our door, is the starting point for several of the most popular routes. From here, you can follow the trails to Profitis Ilias, the island’s tallest peak (where our most famous panigiri – church festival – is held on the 19th of July), the ancient acropolis and museum of Agios Andreas (1300 BC), with breath-taking views of the entire Cyclades island complex, Mavro Horio, Panagia tou Niliou, and Vathy, to name but a few. For the more adventurous and the horse lovers among you, there is also the option of trail riding to explore the island on horseback and see Sifnos from an entirely different point of view. Finally, if marine activities are more to your taste, you can hire a private boat and discover the island’s most secret and remote beaches and coves by sea.

We don’t need to tell you that Sifnos, with its long tradition in gastronomy, is considered by many as food heaven: you’ve no doubt heard a lot, and you will find out much more, first-hand, when you visit the island’s many excellent restaurants. If your visit includes a weekend, however, make sure you try our traditional revithada, chickpea stew, cooked in our private wood-fire oven overnight on Saturdays, and served every Sunday.